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What Makes Fay Unique

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What Makes Fay Unique

We are Prepared. We are Articulate. We are Well-Rounded. 

We are The Fay School.

When you send your child to school, you want to know they are supported in their development as a student. That is a given. To get an education is to gain something valuable—something that no one can ever take away from you. An infinitely renewable resource. 

In fact, the more engaged and inspired students are at a young age can help color their educational experience for years to come, making the difference between those who cannot wait to crack open a book and those who dread the car door closing behind them at carpool.

As a parent, it is no small task to choose a school for your young child. It is painful leaving them on that first day with a bunch of strangers. You hope teachers and administrators will steward them throughout their days, and that your child’s classmates offer them a place to belong. Yet, it is scary at the beginning, even if you made the very best choice with all the information you have in front of you. 

This is why at Fay we strive to create a school that gives your children more than just an education—we want them to have an experience that creates a positive impact on their lives. Elementary school is not only a place to doodle and learn your “ABCs,” it is the place where you start to find out about the world around you and where you begin to shape your future identity. 

We are committed to helping your child grow into a Prepared, Well-Rounded and Articulate person. We are dedicated to creating an environment that supports our academically rigorous curriculum and focuses on Leadership Development.