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Well-Rounded Students

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Well-Rounded Students

Become Thoughtful Adults

Self-awareness is a lifelong endeavor—yet, the earlier you start learning about this heady concept, the better one’s results. As young people, we develop habits and patterns that follow us into adulthood. Teaching elementary school students about the environment that exists outside their front door helps them develop a bigger, more holistic perspective about the world and their place in it. 

The Fay School focuses on helping young people develop into thoughtful, Well-Rounded graduates. In addition to making sure rigorous academics and expert attention prepare our students for Houston’s most sought-after middle and upper schools, we are also committed to teaching them lessons that last a lifetime.

From formalizing curiosity through a grounded research process, to building a reading and writing foundation starting in Primary, to exploring the local flora and fauna on the bayou, Fay students enjoy a Well-Rounded education in a school committed to their academic, intellectual, and emotional growth.