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Parent's Role in Online Learning Plan

A Parent's Role in Fay's Online Learning Plan

The Fay School knows that working from home while having your children at home presents many challenges. Fay also knows that most of you are not teachers by trade! Please do what you can with your instincts while also expanding the ways you think about teaching and learning. Think of the academic conversations that can come out of cooking, board games, playing catch, going for a walk, singing together, online grocery shopping, eating a meal together as a family, or reaching out to a loved one. We are excited to aid in the thinking of new and creative ways to reach your child.

There may be days when doing schoolwork does not seem right, and that is OK.  Minimally, reading and practicing math facts on most days will make sure your child does not lose what they have been learning. As adults, our top priority is to ensure that our children feel safe and loved.  It is only then that we should turn our minds towards learning and academic growth.

As your child begins leveraging online tools to support their learning, visualize how a day will look.  Set up a work station for your child with materials they may need for distance learning and continue to appropriately equip that space as you learn more about what your child needs.  Check the Seesaw page of your child’s teacher each day.  Ensure that your child attends the live Zoom session each morning because it will help your child feel connected to their teachers and classmates. After that, carve out a couple of "work" times each day with periods of physical activity and fun interspersed throughout the day. 

As always, our teachers will be responsive to you and your child via email and feedback on assignments through Seesaw.  Please allow 48 hours for teachers to comment on work submitted through Seesaw as we, too, adjust to this new norm for our work and our families.  Please email if you are having difficulty accessing either of these platforms after you have read the directions in your child’s supply bag.

Fay is confident in our Online Learning Plan. Just as important, Fay is confident in our ability and openness to innovate within our Online Learning Plan, if need be. During this journey, Fay will model what we ask of your child each day:

  • Take academic risks by trying an idea your child is not 100% sure of
  • Do not be afraid to learn from something that didn’t work out perfectly the first time
  • Revise your work and slightly improve a new skill each day