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Fay School Annual Fund

Dear Fay Family,2021 2022 Annual Fund Chairs at the Fay School

One thing most parents can agree on is that our children seem to grow up almost overnight. Our son, Cooper, graduated from The Fay School last year, and our daughter, Eloise, started fifth grade this August. It feels like just yesterday when we stepped onto campus for the very first time. Thinking back to our first visit to Fay as part of the application process so many years ago, two distinct thoughts come to mind that stand true today. First, we knew our kids were going to love the campus. It looks and feels like the quintessential setting for a childhood school that excels in experiential and outdoor learning. Tucked behind trees, with lots of land and a rolling hill leading down to delightful play spaces, the Fay Forest, Fay Garden and new chicken coop, all make for an amazing environment for years of fun and creative learning. Secondly, our initial Fay campus tour was led by two fifth-grade students whose poise and ease displayed a level of leadership and emotional intelligence that seemed well beyond their years. We were fascinated and delighted to learn that emotional intelligence is woven into the fabric of the entire Fay curriculum from a student’s very first day and continuing at every grade level. While other schools dabble, no other lower school in Houston takes this full-inclusion curriculum approach. Combined, these elements highlight the fact that Fay is the perfect place to be a kid.

The fifth-grade year at Fay is a terrific opportunity for our children to lead the school and feel the accomplishment of being part of a graduating class. It also is a year spent preparing for the transition to middle school. As a parent you will ask yourself, “is my child ready? Does my child have the confidence, academic foundation, and social awareness to make a successful transition to middle school and beyond?” Like us, you will come to find that the answer (thankfully) is a resounding “yes”. Most importantly, Fay prepares its students. But not just in terms of academic studies and hard work, but also by a myriad of other wonderful and unique opportunities, such as small teacher-to-student ratios that allow teachers to support the individual child at different levels and learning styles, school plays that encourage public speaking, project-based learning, regular STEM classes built for curious learners, and a comprehensive outdoor education program. It is all of these extraordinary moments that provide for the collective Fay experience. And it is the Fay experience that prepares our kids academically, socially, and personally for the next stage. For allowing our kids to be kids and at the same time preparing the kids for what comes next in such a dynamic way, we choose to make The Fay School our highest philanthropic priority.

It is with gratitude that we are thrilled to serve as your annual fund chairs for the 2021-2022 school year. We believe in the mission of Fay and know that there are so many like-minded parents who share our belief in what the school is doing for our children each and every day. This year we are asking our current parents, faculty, the Annual Fund Committee, and the Board of Trustees to join TEAM FAY - 100%! Your participation represents a vote of confidence in Fay, shows our Gator pride, and that we are “All In” for The Fay School. Let’s send a strong message of gratitude and support to all of the wonderful people who help advance the Fay mission.

Warmest regards,

To make a gift or pledge, please visit our online giving page.