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Is how leaders earn their stripes

How do you define success? When you think about being a successful person, do you have a vision of what it looks like? How will you know when you have reached “success”? 

These are questions that thoughtful leaders ask themselves. Success is not some rung on a ladder; it’s a hike through a trail with many peaks and valleys. To navigate a world that is always changing (and with it the every-shifting path to success) means you need a concept of leadership that is both clear and flexible. One that moves as you move, and adjusts as you adjust—all the while staying as steadfast and visible as a mountain in front of you. 

At Fay, leadership skills are earned through academic rigor and through thoughtful assessment of strengths and stretches, empowering our students to chart their own course to a successful future. A large component of this well-rounded education is our leadership development program, of which Red Zebra is a cornerstone. 

Red Zebra is a leadership development organization that works with major corporations like Coca-Cola, American Express, and Microsoft, to create strategies that help leaders reach their full potential. Yet, they don’t only focus on C-suite executives—they also work with Fay students on developing and cultivating their own leadership skills. 

Coming to campus May 10th and 11th, Red Zebra will be exploring the themes of Success, Fear, and Fun with our Third, Fourth and Fifth graders. Why Success, Fear, and Fun? Because each of these elements make up important facets of leadership, requiring students to be thoughtful of different dimensions they will face as a leader. 

Red Zebra is an individualized experience based on grade-level goals. Students in Third and Fourth Grade will explore these areas and identify both strengths and stretches in each of these themes. Fifth Grade students will do the same as well as have additional exploration of these themes as part of their preparation for the Fifth Grade Trip experience at Camp Eagle. Fifth Graders will use their time with Red Zebra reflect upon their leadership development plans while attending Fay, and create a new leadership plan for middle school.

We are proud to have RedZebra back on campus with our students to open their minds to new ways of thinking and to work with them on their leadership experience. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bob Meyer, Head of School.