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Outdoor Education Curriculum

What Outdoor Learning Looks Like at Fay

Why Outdoor Education?

The Outdoor Education curriculum at Fay allows children hands-on experiences to explore and learn through nature. Whether it’s our Primary School’s Forest Fridays or our Lower and Upper School’s Outdoor Education days, students have increased creativity and problem-solving skills in both structured and unstructured time.  

The Evidence.

Evidence shows that students who spend time outdoors are more focused and open to learning and are more relaxed in the school environment. With this, The Fay School’s Outdoor Education Program (OE) is integrally designed into everything we do; from the academic curriculum to the service work students take on to the student stewardship roles they plan for the community. We have nine specific sessions over the course of the year in which each grade level focuses on an outdoor adventure and/or an outdoor research project that connects with academic curricula, and service. The nine sessions are progressive in nature, meaning that they build on previous sessions towards a final adventure and/or service initiative. These nine sessions serve as opportunities to test and run larger integrated projects in the future. Teachers use the Fay Forest to make learning come alive! Whether they are building nature structures in art or studying the animals that live on our campus, our forest is buzzing with students every day! 

A few examples of the unique, outdoor experience at Fay:

Inside Fay's Chicken Coop - Live Feed!

Outside Fay's Chicken Coop - Live Feed!

Outdoor Education Video