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Middle School Counseling

We are a preparatory school.

Our formal year and a half counseling program focuses upon supporting families and helping your child achieve success. The result is an outstanding record of families attending the best schools Houston has to offer. The vast majority of graduates attend the following schools: Annunciation Orthodox School, The Awty International School, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, The Emery/Weiner School, The Kinkaid School, Presbyterian School, River Oaks Baptist School, St. Francis Episcopal Day School, and St. John’s School. 

Wherever your child enrolls, they will find themselves notably able to handle the work and distinguishing themselves as school leaders. Formally beginning at the end of Fourth Grade, you can expect us to partner with you on every step of the Middle School admissions journey.

Fifth Grade Leader

How does The Fay School help?

  • Direct support and counseling in Fourth and Fifth Grade. 
  • Knowledgeable assessment of your child’s competitive position in relation to schools.
  • Assistance and guidance in selecting potential schools and support through the application process.
  • Individual attention and availability – especially after the choice and application process has begun.
  • Advocacy and information through direct contact with admissions offices when appropriate and useful.

What to Expect: A Timeline of Planning

Spring Semester: Fourth Grade

A group meeting will be held in the spring to discuss the middle school application process. Topics include:

  • Month by month overview of the admissions season timeline
  • How to approach this process as a family
  • Tutoring and test prep: should we do it?
  • Researching schools and developing a list to apply to and any specific strategies.
  • How does the Wait Pool work?
  • Mock interviews

After our spring meeting in Fourth Grade, individual meetings are held with each family. The closer these meetings are held to the Fifth Grade fall, the deeper our discussions can go. During this meeting, we will review your child’s profile to date, discuss formal applications, talk through the upcoming application timeline, and work through any questions. Much of this work will focus on listening to what you hope for your child’s educational experience regardless of where they matriculate. For most families, a productive application strategy is to choose about six schools to which to apply. In this group, there should be one or two “best fit” schools, three “great fit” schools, and two “good fit” schools. Each school will have perceived pluses and minuses that depend on the individual strength of your child and values of your family.

Fall Semester: Fifth Grade

Fall Fifth Grade is indeed a busy time and this is where the bulk of individual family meetings take place. Fifth Grade families will begin receiving routine email communication providing reminders, suggestions, and advice on how to complete the process.  We will also make sure that Fay and family are working in concert.

  • We will review your child’s profile once again, this time taking into account any significant changes. We will then make any additions and/or deletions to the list of schools and work to classify each school in one of three distinct areas: best fit, great fit, or good fit.
  • Applications should be completed during this time and based on application deadlines.
  • Mock interviews with the Head of School will begin in mid-September to prepare your child for their individual visitations to schools.
  • An Intent To Apply survey is sent to Fifth Grade Families in early December so that Fay knows where to electronically send report cards and teacher recommendations.
  • Fay administers the ISEE on Fay’s campus for Fay Fifth Graders. 

Spring Semester: Fifth Grade

Admission decisions are sent to applicants in early March and families must finalize enrollment decisions by the Common Reply Date (often by the first week of April.)

We celebrate your child’s enrollment and finish the Fifth Grade year with strength and purpose.