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Private Preschool | Primary Division (age 3-5)

Primary School Houston | Ages Three - FiveJoyful play-based learning opportunities are the heart of our primary school and the foundation of a Fay School education. Our Primary I and Primary II classes are filled with eager students and thoughtful teachers who know deeply both child development theory and individual students. They use these understandings to create opportunities and provocations for students to construct knowledge, both for academic readiness and social-emotional skills. 

Each day our teachers guide students to discover their interests, make friends and start on their academic journey in reading, writing, and math. During center time, teachers work with students individually and in small groups to foster literacy and math skills. During these individual and small group times, teachers get to know students and help them build their knowledge from their own developmental place. Because of our partnership with Rice Literacy, students see their stories come to life through teacher dictation and dramatic interpretation. Primary Students develop a strong mathematical foundation through verbal, written, and hands-on experiences and problem solving.  

Learning about and through nature is an important component of our program. Students spend time each day exploring the backyard, painting, playing with friends, and observing what’s growing in their garden. Each week, every class spends a morning in the Fay Forest, beginning with our forest song, “Good morning, dear forest…” as students gather in the opening circle. Both academic activities connected to classroom learning and free exploration play a role in students’ time in this natural space. On any given day, students might be hunting for shapes in the forest, using found objects to make clay faces, or learning to identify trees. Parents are invited to participate in Forest Days as they are available. Families report a greater understanding of their child’s school experience and a sense of connectedness to other parents when they volunteer. Whether it’s once a school year or once a month, this unique opportunity is enjoyed by all! 

The Fay School endeavors to offer your child a Primary School experience that values both play and academic readiness. In the classroom, on the playground, or in the forest, Fay's Primary students learn academic skills through play and inquiry.