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Best Private Elementary School | Lower School Division (K-5)

Kindergarten - Fifth GradeLearning in our Lower School is constructed through our vision “to deliberately build and educate the next generation of world leaders.” Because of our rapidly changing world, there are several mindsets, traits, and skills that our leaders need to be successful both now and in the future. We structure our curricula to build academic skills and provide opportunities for students to work together to accomplish goals and solve problems.

We know students learn best when lessons are active and hands on. Our challenging, nurturing, and engaging environments both inside the classroom and out in nature support students in their learning. 

Our students use driving questions to explore challenges in science and social studies. These open-ended questions serve as jumping off points for students to think deeply and creatively with their classmates. Our teachers create environments where students are comfortable taking academic risks in front of their peers and work on teams to plan, compromise, and achieve. Additionally, through direct teaching and formative assessments, we ensure all students have a solid foundation in basic skills of reading, writing, and math. 

We differentiate our literacy instruction to meet the needs of all students through mini lessons, conferring sessions, and adaptive technology. Our teachers aim to meet each child where they are and take them as far as they are ready to go. Students learn to assess their own work and conference with peers using single-point rubrics to evaluate strengths and challenges. Then they use this feedback to reflect and make improvements to their work. 

Responsibilities in academics, stewardship, and social situations grow each year as students reach their fifth grade year. As the capstone of the previous seven years, students enjoy working in the chicken coop, creating The Fay News, and participating in our Back-to-School Leadership Summit. Our graduates are confident, compassionate leaders in their school community and beyond.