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Learning Support

Learning is a process; this developmental journey looks different for each child. Students progress at different rates and thrive with differentiation and varying levels of support. We recognize and value the unique cognitive profiles and learning styles of our students and are there to walk alongside each child.  

The Learning Specialist observes, supports, and guides students, teachers, and parents. In collaboration with classroom teachers, she works to monitor and encourage student development and learning over time. Our Kindergarteners are screened in a one-on-one setting three times a year to access foundational literacy skills. This process allows us to identify needs early on. Through data gathered from assessments and classroom observations, small groups of early grade students are provided with early literacy intervention and support. Accommodations are available for students with diagnosed learning differences as well. We work with private Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Certified Academic Language Specialists, and Dyslexia Therapists. Specialists we partner with are encouraged to visit students on campus and exchange feedback with teachers. This collaborative approach supports student growth. Our teachers have deep knowledge of individual students and differentiate based on readiness, interest, and learner preference. They carefully scaffold questions and provide purposeful opportunities to exercise voice and choice. A teacher might intentionally ask one student a question that calls on her to apply, such as “How does it work?”, then ask another to evaluate, “What is the impact?” The content, processes, and products involved in a learning unit are differentiated to motivate, as well as to spark creativity. One student might showcase his learning about extreme weather by creating a model while another films a commercial. All of these examples tie to our overarching goal - to meet each child’s needs, building from areas of strength, in an environment that fosters confident learners. 

Learning Specialist

Alison Salinas

Alison Salinas

Learning Specialist