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Academics & Experiential Education

The Fay School provides a caring culture of experiential learning, creativity, personal attention, and positive reinforcement. Studies include Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Computer, Art, Music, and Physical Education. We seek to inspire in each child a life-long love of learning. Fay honors children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn with our robust curriculum. This is complemented by our signature programs for Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, and Outdoor Education in which students apply their skills to become well-rounded scholars and citizens.

Melissa Sherman

Melissa Sherman

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Member of the Association for Experiential Education

The Fay Family is a warm and caring community in which children thrive academically and emotionally. Everything we do at Fay is grounded in our understanding of and dedication to the specific needs of young children.

Melissa Sherman, M.Ed., Principal

Fay teachers are learners as well as teachers, ever striving to evolve their practice to meet the needs of today’s students. They create joyful classroom communities where children rise to high expectations in their studies and social interactions.