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Leading for Tomorrow

Fay's globally inspired programs have helped The Fay School remain a leader in early childhood and elementary education and leadership development through emotional intelligence and outdoor education. Fay is an inclusive place where a spirit of adventure and freedom is nurtured using the outdoors for overall student enrichment. Fay empowers students using a whole child mindset which readies students for challenges both in and out of the classroom. The Fay experience is enriched through our Project-Based Learning Curriculum, Outdoor Learning, Leadership Development Program, and Extended Day Programs. We believe teachable moments are everywhere, use the menu on the right to explore our programs more in depth. 

The world’s future landscape will not need your child to complete standardized tests, check boxes, or regurgitate memorized information. The world’s future landscape will need leaders with heightened emotional intelligence who innovate through collaboration and then implement creative solutions to unforeseen or persistent challenges. Fay Leaders are the leaders that will create and harness that future. Cross the threshold and lead with Fay now, so that your child will lead us all tomorrow.