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Letter From Interim Head of School

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Letter From Interim Head of School

Dear Fay School Community,
To serve at The Fay School, in any capacity, is quite the privilege and I feel both honored and humbled to serve as the Interim Head of School. The Fay students and families who I have met and worked with over the past few years continue to demonstrate why Fay’s mission and core values earn respect and admiration from schools and educators across Houston. The year ahead will yield results that allow for every Fay student to continue to exhibit and personify the traits of the Fay experience: leadership, emotional intelligence, preparedness, well-roundedness, and articulate communication. My intentions are to continue to support and enhance the foundational elements that make The Fay School such an extraordinary place.
My educational philosophy and leadership style is simple and centers around three core values. These beliefs provide the lens through which I will steward Fay’s mission, values, and community. First, I believe students must be known – as they grow and evolve, we have an opportunity to build a relationship, understand who they are, and ensure they feel a sense of belonging in the community. Second, I believe students must feel loved – when they experience love, students feel safe and empowered, allowing them to explore and unlock their own unique potential. Finally, I believe students must receive academic challenge– providing students an opportunity for growth and improvement equips them with the tools and inspiration to think about things differently, to innovate, to create, and to lead.
Fay students and alumni are in the enviable positions they enjoy because of the leadership provided by Fay’s Leadership Team, Faculty, and Advancement Team. I look forward to supporting their ongoing work as we partner with current and past families to advance the mission of Fay. My goal is to spend time with you, throughout the school year, so I can listen to and learn from your perspectives and stories. What you all carry inside of you remains paramount and I want to make certain that every level of the school continues to value the joys of what you all have experienced and your dreams for The Fay School and its students. While we continue to work to schedule formalized time for our Fay community to gather, I also offer an open invitation for anyone to connect informally.
I am proud to be joining the Fay community. Our year ahead will continue the traditions of the school, will advance its mission, and will keep each one of the Fay students at the center of every new day.
With gratitude,

Morgan Scoville
Interim Head of School