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Leadership Development Program

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Leadership Development Program

Adding to the rigor of our academic program, The Fay School’s most distinguishing factor is our Leadership Development Program.  Grounded in both emotional intelligence and human capital strategy, The Fay School’s vision is to deliberately build and educate the next generation of leaders for our world.  Our students experience leadership training and curriculum typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies and they graduate from Fay with skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

A successful leader is someone who inspires growth in self and others.  This requires a high degree of Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, social awareness, and relationship skills.  The Fay School’s Leadership Development Program engages students to develop these abilities through reflection, study, and communication.  By providing opportunities to practice these skills across the curriculum, we cultivate their leadership to positively impact the world.

The next century will undoubtedly be measured by the success of our relationships and our ability to communicate. The Fay School is committed to the development of these skills and to intentionally raise the next generation of leaders in our world.

How do we accomplish this at The Fay School?

  • Students have an internalized understanding of their rights in the Fay community.
  • Students have an internalized understanding of what responsibility means.
  • Students’ behavior demonstrates that they have a positive self-concept and an understanding of community expectations.
  • Students understand and practice The Fay Code and The Mediation Tool with adult facilitation.
  • Students learn to articulate hopes and dreams.
  • Students can identify their own strengths and stretches to accomplish their hopes and dreams.           
  • Students utilize The Fay Code and The Mediation Tool independently or with peer facilitation.
  • Students understand how their current StrengthsExplorer themes impact their learning style.
  • Students set and evaluate individual leadership goals incorporating information from StrengthsExplorer
  • Students demonstrate effective leadership through their own actions and peer mentoring.
  • Students are equipped to continue to develop Emotional Intelligence throughout their lives.