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Language Arts at Fay

Keep Young Minds in Motion

Round and round—from Earth itself to the wheels on the bus, rotation keeps an impressive amount of essential things moving. At Fay, it is also the framework for reinforcing concepts for our Primary and Lower Elementary literacy called rotations.

Rotations comprises small-group and independent time to practice reading and writing skills, shifting between purposeful literacy tasks as part of a routine. From reading aloud to classmates to engaging in daily writing practices, rotations give each student multiple opportunities to gain literacy skills in a host of different ways. 

Language Arts Components

Our Primary and Lower Elementary program includes:

  • Reading Readiness and Language Enrichment, a Neuhaus program: Instruction focuses on teaching reliable reading and spelling patterns, development of oral language, use of metacognitive strategies for comprehension, and opportunities to practice learned skills.
  • Guided Reading: Matching students’ experience and skill level, this process begins with teacher-student conversation about a text, follows with student reading paired with teacher observation and interaction, and follows with the story extensions through more writing or reading.
  • The John Collins Writing Program: A comprehensive approach to teaching writing through focusing on skills in organization, style, mechanics, and content.
  • Vocabulary: A spelling and vocabulary program that explores the etymology of and stories behind words.