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Are Adventures in Reading

You can stand on the top of a castle in Scotland watching wizards whiz by or follow a well-groomed cat with a crazy smile through the looking glass. You can walk the same steps as explorers searching for the land across the sea or ride along with cowboys in the wild west. Reading, as students at Fay learn in our Journeys Reading Program, is an adventure.

The Journeys Reading Program exposes our Third through Fifth Grade students to a wide range of literature while developing reading skills and promoting thoughtful discussions about the stories in class.  Students read fantasy, fables, historical fiction, biographies, fairy tales, informational text, realistic fiction, adventure, and mystery to learn the elements of stories and story structure using rich literature, then breaking down what they learned in to skills that translate to other stories they read. 

Follow along on our Journey

Each week, students begin a new selection from the Journeys anthology. Here’s a sample of what they learn along the way:

  • The week begins with a teacher read-aloud, followed by a first read of the week’s selection accompanied by a target skill to gain, and an essential question related to the selected text. 
  • In the following days, students re-read the story multiple times, each time focusing on a new skill or story element. This weekly focus skill is layered with previously learned skills and developed throughout the week through a question-based approach and class discussion. Students also often break down the story using a visual. 
  • Each week wraps up with the reading comprehension assessments, providing an opportunity for students to practice their ability to read, comprehend, and reflect content and its meaning while also providing teachers with critical, ongoing feedback on student progress.