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Formalizing Curiosity

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Formalizing Curiosity

Turns Information Into Knowledge

Research is an essential skill in today’s world. At a time when information is readily available with the click of a mouse, the ability to discern trustworthy, accurate information is critical to becoming a well-informed person. This is why we developed the process of formalizing curiosity to take our students’ inquisitive nature and guide them through the steps of gathering the right information to write a research paper.

At The Fay School, we give students the tools they need to access and analyze information through graphic organizers like Super 3™ and Big6™. Students work through questions that help them evaluate the content and source of what they discover. This process starts in First Grade and goes through Fifth Grade, making sure that students can develop a solid foundation in research, one that they build on during their entire time at Fay.

Through formalizing curiosity, The Fay School equips the next generation of leaders with all they need to be responsible stewards of information.