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Dear Parents,

Whether you are visiting our site for the first time in search of the right school for your child or as a current parent who has been at Fay for years, the following message is uniquely Fay:

At Fay, we enroll families, not only students.

Hopefully, this statement resonates to the role of parents at Fay. The effects of this philosophy are seen throughout our community as our Parents’ Club works to support the school, its programs, and most importantly, our students.  The impact of this community-based approach is tremendous and we see it each day as parents help in the library, spearhead our annual Gala, and so much more!

In addition to our volunteer program, we work daily to ensure that the school's relationship with all our families is strong, beneficial, transparent and positive.  Working in concert with students and parents alike, we continue to have a thriving community dedicated to providing the very best in Early Childhood and Elementary education for the greater Houston community.

Please take a few moments and explore our website for more information.

Most Sincerely,

Laura Dols

Director of Advancement

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