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How We Communicate at Fay

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How We Communicate at Fay

We believe communication is paramount to success. This is one of our three Core Values and it drives our communications strategy at all levels. We have worked to implement a very clear communications strategy to facilitate a positive and productive relationship between the School and each family. When a family enters Fay, we ask that they remember that communication and relationships are both two-way streets - our doors are open and we encourage families to e-mail, phone, or stop by with questions, concerns, and feedback.

Our communications strategy is comprised of three general areas found below:

Teacher to Family

Each family has enrolled their child at Fay for an education, and one of the most critical pieces of that education is a working relationship between your child’s teacher and you. The teachers communicate with their parents on an individual basis in a variety of ways. On Thursdays, totes and backpacks contain any communication that needs to go home in hard copy to families, in addition to regular electronic communication. This electronic communication includes Fay's website and our secure parent portal, giving parents access to teacher pages, student grades, and attendance.

School to Family

The Fay Flyer is emailed to all families every Thursday afternoon with all hard copy forms to be filled out through the Thursday tote/backpack or the mail. We work to streamline this weekly email for quick reading, providing families with the pertinent information they need. We ask that all families read The Fay Flyer in order to coordinate all institutional needs.

School to Community

There are three community-wide publications per year that celebrate, recognize, and share what is happening at Fay with our larger community. The winter and summer editions of the newsletter and the annual report are mailed out to more than 2,000 people annually. These publications take a high-level view of what the school is currently working on, what we have accomplished, and where we are heading.