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The Fay Family

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The Fay Family

Is more than, “What did you learn today?”

A look at the connected, committed Fay Family, and how both parents and administrators work together to create a unique school experience. 

It takes a village to raise a child. That African proverb is as true today as it was all those years ago when it was coined, even though today is a much different time. We have amazing technology at our fingertips, but some of those old ways—like knowing our neighbors and connecting with our communities regularly—can seem lost to the ages.

This is why we believe it is critical to create an atmosphere of connection and belonging among not just the classrooms and campus, but between parents, administrators, teachers, and students. We call this the Fay Family, because that is exactly what we are: An extended family—a village, if you will—focused on the growth and development of children.