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Early Day Care Program

Early Day at Fay is our mixed-age early morning care program, allowing Fay students to arrive on campus early. Early Day at Fay is designed to allow for flexibility in your family’s morning routine. Students will be given a light snack in the dining hall and will have the opportunity to play in the gym, read books, and catch up on homework. 

Registration for this fall semester (October-December) begins September 20, and registration for the spring semester (January-May) begins in November. Early Day at Fay does not operate during school holidays. 

Pricing for the program varies depending on your child(ren)’s grade levels and how many days per week they are attending Early Day at Fay. The pricing for this fall’s program is a prorated amount, based on our full-semester rates, due to the program’s late start date.  

You can register for as many as five days a week or as few as one day a week. We also offer childcare, for parents who need care on an occasional basis, through our drop-in component of Early Day at Fay. Parents must register at least twenty-four hours in advance to use the drop-in component of the Early Day at Fay program and drop-in care is billed monthly. 

To register for Early Day at Fay, please click here

A sample schedule, general reminders, and pricing can be found here

If you have questions regarding our Early Day at Fay program, please contact Brett Bagley, Extended Day Coordinator, at 813-681-8300, ext. 8915.