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Extended Day Programs In Houston

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Extended Day Programs In Houston


The Fay School is proud to offer families a variety of before and after school options.  These programs provide enriching experiences for children outside of the school day.  All of our programs (Early Day at Fay, Stay at Fay, After School Activities, and Play at Fay) are held on Fay’s pristine eight-and-a-half-acre sanctuary, ensuring that students are in the most familiar and comfortable environment. 

Early Day at Fay

Early Day at Fay is our mixed-age early morning care program, allowing Fay students to arrive on campus early. Early Day at Fay is designed to allow for flexibility in your family’s morning routine. Students will be given a light snack in the dining hall and the opportunity to play in the gym, read books, and catch up on homework. Click here to learn more about Fay's Early Day Care Program.

Stay at Fay

Stay at Fay is our aftercare program, allowing Fay students to stay on campus after school. Click here to learn more about our Stay at Fay program.

After School Activities

After School Activities are a variety of enrichment classes offered through The Fay School’s partnership with faculty and local teaching professionals. The cost of these classes varies; ranging from $300 - $500, depending on the subject matter, the length of class, and the number of sessions offered per semester. Classes are offered once a week for an hour. Click here to learn more about our After School Activities program.

Play at Fay

Play at Fay days are our one-day mini-camps for days when school is out of session for in-service and select holidays. Each day is planned around a theme, and we offer half day, full day, and extended day options. Click here to learn more about our Play at Fay program.

Summer Camp

The FAYcation Summer Camp offers participants a variety of enriching opportunities in line with the mission and values of The Fay School. Click here to learn more about our FAYcation Summer Camp.

If you have questions about these programs or registration, please contact  Extended Day Coordinator, Rachel Rubin or call 713.681.8300 ext. 8915.

Extended Day at Fay

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