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Shelby Buchanan's picture

Shelby Buchanan

Alex Franklin's picture

Alex Franklin

Advancement Officer
Michael Garcia's picture

Michael Garcia

Facilities Staff
Carrie Garrett's picture

Carrie Garrett

Technology Support Specialist
John Grube's picture

John Grube

Technology Coordinator
McKinzie Howard's picture

McKinzie Howard

Admissions Associate
Leslie King's picture

Leslie King

Purchasing/Accounts Payable Officer
Marissa Kubiak's picture

Marissa Kubiak

School Nurse
Brenda Lockett's picture

Brenda Lockett

Assistant to the Head of School
Molly McHard's picture

Molly McHard

Advancement Associate
Carmen Medina's picture

Carmen Medina

Natalie Mercer's picture

Natalie Mercer

Assistant to the Principal
Kaitlin Necas's picture

Kaitlin Necas

Communications Officer
Cathie Riley R.N.'s picture

Cathie Riley R.N.

School Nurse
Patrick Steele's picture

Patrick Steele

Facilities Manager

Extended Day

Brett Bagley's picture

Brett Bagley

Extended Day Coordinator
Bianca Hernandez's picture

Bianca Hernandez

Extended Day Staff
Rachelle Roy's picture

Rachelle Roy

Extended Day Staff
Rachel Rubin's picture

Rachel Rubin

Extended Day Asst. Coordinator


Laura Dols's picture

Laura Dols

Director of Advancement
Jeffrey Fountain's picture

Jeffrey Fountain

Director of Finance and Operations
Janet Ickert's picture

Janet Ickert
Morgan Scoville's picture

Morgan Scoville

Interim Head of School
Allison Teare's picture

Allison Teare

Director of Admissions
Sissy Witte's picture

Sissy Witte


Lower Elementary Division

Mary Ann Benoche's picture

Mary Ann Benoche

1st Grade Lead Teacher
Barbara Brownback's picture

Barbara Brownback

2nd Grade Asst. Teacher
Mallory Carew's picture

Mallory Carew

2nd Grade Lead Teacher
Barbara Davenport's picture

Barbara Davenport

1st Grade Asst. Teacher
Peggy Eggleston's picture

Peggy Eggleston

2nd Grade Lead Teacher
Jennifer Hayes's picture

Jennifer Hayes

1st Grade Lead Teacher
Susan Little's picture

Susan Little

Kindergarten Asst. Teacher
Elizabeth Morgan's picture

Elizabeth Morgan

1st Grade Asst. Teacher
Aimee Putnam's picture

Aimee Putnam

Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Margaret Sanchez's picture

Margaret Sanchez

1st Grade Asst. Teacher
Felicia Tew's picture

Felicia Tew

Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Nancy Verly's picture

Nancy Verly

Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Karli Warrender's picture

Karli Warrender

1st Grade Lead Teacher
Emily Wells's picture

Emily Wells

2nd Grade Lead Teacher
Tish Wilde's picture

Tish Wilde

2nd Grade Asst. Teacher

Primary Division

Katherine Barrere's picture

Katherine Barrere

Primary II Lead Teacher
Courtney Black's picture

Courtney Black

Primary II Assistant Teacher
Carol Burns's picture

Carol Burns

Primary II Asst. Teacher
Whitney Cassidy's picture

Whitney Cassidy

Primary I Lead Teacher
Marjorie Crawford's picture

Marjorie Crawford

Primary I Lead Teacher
Diana Hoover's picture

Diana Hoover

Primary I Asst. Teacher
Joan Katrib's picture

Joan Katrib

Primary I Asst. Teacher
Jana Low's picture

Jana Low

Primary I Asst. Teacher
Audra Shields's picture

Audra Shields

PI Lead Teacher


Tami Boltz's picture

Tami Boltz

Music Teacher
Kathryn Burrow's picture

Kathryn Burrow

Instructional Technology Specialist
Camille Crockett's picture

Camille Crockett

Spanish Teacher
Teri Farrell's picture

Teri Farrell

P.E., Music & Motor Teacher
Yvonne Grant's picture

Yvonne Grant

P.E., Music & Motor Teacher
Katherine Price's picture

Katherine Price

Art Teacher
Georgene Quirke's picture

Georgene Quirke

Library Media Specialist

Upper Elementary Division

Julie Adam's picture

Julie Adam

4th Grade Asst. Teacher
Morgan Bryant's picture

Morgan Bryant

4th Grade Lead Teacher
Alexandra Cammarota's picture

Alexandra Cammarota

3rd Grade Lead Teacher
Barbara Duecker's picture

Barbara Duecker

5th Grade Lead Teacher
Christina Magri's picture

Christina Magri

4th Grade Lead Teacher
KC McMordie's picture

KC McMordie

5th Grade Assistant Teacher
Kelly Morgan's picture

Kelly Morgan

3rd Grade Lead Teacher
Diane Nolen's picture

Diane Nolen

3rd Grade Asst. Teacher
Emma Peterson's picture

Emma Peterson

5th Grade Lead Teacher
Ilona Rosa's picture

Ilona Rosa

3rd Grade Lead Teacher
Ryan Sanchez's picture

Ryan Sanchez

Fourth Grade Lead Teacher