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Welcome to Fay's Blog!

Posted by Monica Berckley, Director of Advancement on Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Eggs from The Fay School's Chicken Coop
Philanthropy is a fundamental element of the Fay equation. Our Annual Fund drives the spirit of innovation on campus with future-focused projects and new opportunities for students each year. The Fay School thrives because of the generosity of our supporters since our founding 30 years ago. Our... Read More
Posted by Ali Lyman, Director of Admissions on Thursday, September 24, 2020
Fay Fifth Grade Morning Meeting
In a world where children are often glued to screens and cooped up indoors, we often strive to find ways to get them outside. It is no secret that children and adults are exposed to many positive benefits being outdoors. In a time consumed by social distancing, outdoor space is more valuable now... Read More
Posted by Alex Cammarota, Learning Specialist, M.Ed. and Melissa Sherman, Principal, M.Ed. on Thursday, September 17, 2020
Fay's Learning Specialist
Most public schools have specialists and special education teachers but how does having a Learning Specialist benefit an independent school community that does not specifically serve students with special needs?  Who is a Learning Specialist and what do they do?  A Learning Specialist is an... Read More
Posted by Morgan B. Scoville, Head of School, M. Ed. on Thursday, September 3, 2020
The Fay School's 30th Anniversary Logo
The Fay School carefully opened its doors during this very unusual and uncertain school year as promised and on time for our fantastic Fay Families. How did we do it? By strategically strengthening Fay’s “innovation muscle” through constant prototyping exercises over time. Our spirit of innovation... Read More
Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2020
We are pleased to announce that Omar Samji, current parent and current member of Fay's Board of Trustees, has assumed the role of Board Chair. He succeeds Jared Levinthal, who's tenure naturally ends after three very successful years. Jared will continue to serve The Fay School as a member on Fay’s... Read More