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We're Getting Chickens

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We're Getting Chickens

Monday, February 3, 2020

Sometime around mid-September, members of the Fay Family met over corn-on-the-cob and other variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains, in the northeast corner of the Meadow. The goal of flocking together was to imagine an innovative way to enhance our outdoor learning spaces in a way that would invite experience into all areas of our curriculum: leadership development through emotional intelligence, specials, outdoor education, language arts, mathematics, science, etc. How could we advance Marie Fay Evnochides’ vision of creating a school “where children come first” and further instill leadership development opportunities that would take into acThe Fay School is getting a chicken coop!count the future of our world?

We pecked at a range of ideas, but each idea left us scratching at the ground. Perhaps we weren't bold enough with our thinking? That couldn’t be it. Were we being chickens?

Chickens. That’s it! We weren’t being chickens. We needed chickens! We hatched a plan.

On December 6, 2019, a growing flock of our Fay Family hosted The Garden Hen, Houston’s premier coop builders, to deduce whether or not we could enhance your child’s education at Fay by building a chicken coop and raising chickens with your children. We bounced our ideas off of Chicken Mike, the owner of The Garden Hen. Immediately, subsequent connections took flight: life-cycle of chickens, empathy, responsibility, outdoor education, food webs, hatching chicks, entrepreneurship, community engagement, small business development, cleanliness, farmers markets, environmental responsibility, and student agency. The list of possibilities has not come home to roost!

Over the next four to six weeks, the construction of a chicken coop will begin emerging from its shell. We will build the coop to reflect the original architecture of The Fay House, as originally designed by renowned architect John Staub. We set the completion of this project for Spring Break 2020, with a celebratory ribbon cutting in the days following.

Lastly, Fay’s ability to say “yes” to this plucky innovation ties directly to the generosity of our Annual Fund supporters. Thank you.

About Morgan B. Scoville: Today, when not supporting students on the Fay campus, Morgan is an avid runner who has logged thousands of miles preparing for multiple marathon races each year—including the Boston Marathon. He hopes that his experience as an athlete may serve as an inspiration to those around him.