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Parent Engagement: Finding Your Place in the Fay Story

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Parent Engagement: Finding Your Place in the Fay Story

Friday, October 11, 2019

At Fay, we enroll families, not only students. It is crucial that our schools’ parents feel connected to the Fay community, starting as new families, throughout a child’s academic years and well after graduation.  The Fay School family and community is a beautiful tapestry with a common thread, the students. By choosing to invest to be part of a private school family, you are choosing to build your family’s community within that school setting. Fay works to continuously ensure that our parents and families have an authentic emotional connection with the Fay family and community. Deep and meaningful relationships throughout your Fay story is a value add that will carry through well beyond your academic years at Fay.

The Fay journey can be summed up into three chapters:

  1. Arrival

  2. Academic Years

  3. Graduation and BeyondParent Engagement at The Fay School


The parents and family journey at Fay starts with the admissions process. Whether you attend an Open House, hear about Fay from a friend, attend a personal tour, visit us on social media, inevitably, you will hear about the strength of our Fay Community. Families have the opportunity to connect with other families as soon as they enroll for the next school year. A “buddy” family is paired with each new family to shepherd them through the start of school to make sure no one feels left behind and so your child starts the year off with a familiar face and a Fay friend.  In the spring, we hold a New Parent Welcome where parents can celebrate their acceptance to Fay and meet other parents before the summer. The New Family Dinner is held at the beginning of the school year, allowing veteran and new families to attend and is our official welcome to our newest members of the community. When the school year starts, Room Parents from every classroom will plan a grade-level get together, serving as an opportunity for current and new families to meet. Belonging to a community can enhance your experience within any organization, and Fay welcomes new families with open arms and provided the opportunity to be involved at whatever level is appropriate for their family.

Academic Years

As a Fay student’s educational journey continues, our students start to bloom and develop the skills needed to become Prepared, Well-Rounded, and Articulate future leaders of the world. As a family’s journey progresses, families find that it is the relationships that provide a solid foundation upon which the love of Fay grows. Families start to meet other families through volunteer work with various school events, attending grade-level parties, and through organic gatherings with other families. The return of investing time to get to know other families and to become involved on campus at a level that is comfortable to you can be incredibly rewarding. Fay is proud of the traditions and community building opportunities we provide to include parents. Whether it is attending the Gala with your grade-level,  parent-teacher conferences,  a Head of School Coffee, or a celebration at the end of the school year! While the school works hard to provide organized outlets for our families to gather together in fellowship, you will find that it is the organic gatherings within your Fay community that foster the most authentic relationships.

Graduation and Beyond

When a student’s academic journey at Fay comes to an end,  Fay families must understand that their relationship with Fay never ends. Fay will forever be a home to our former students and their families. Whether your family is a “Lifer” starting in PI and graduating in Fifth Grade, or your journey with Fay was a bit shorter, everyone who sets foot on this campus is a part of the tapestry of Fay’s history. Our Alumni Logo states, Forever Fay.  The memories and relationships made on Fay’s campus connect our Fay families forever. Fay’s doors are always open. We welcome our alumni families to campus for a reunion, to visit with our students, or to walk on our campus to reminisce on where they spent their elementary school years.

At Fay, we intentionally focus on our families and listen to their priorities, not only as they pertain to their children’s experiences but also their own as members of the school community. Fay is a place where children come first, and an essential element of that is ensuring that we continue improving parent engagement with our school community. We welcome feedback and opportunities to discuss how we can better serve our families. We enjoy seeing where our story goes and who will play a part along the way!