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Meet Fay's Board Chair

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Meet Fay's Board Chair

Thursday, June 25, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Omar Samji, current parent and current member of Fay's Board of Trustees, has assumed the role of Board Chair. He succeeds Jared Levinthal, who's tenure naturally ends after three very successful years. Jared will continue to serve The Fay School as a member on Fay’s Board of Trustees for at least three more years. Please click below to learn more about why Omar will be a fantastic Board Chair and all about his relationship with the Fay Family.

A Letter From Fay's Board Chair

Dear Fay Family,Omar Samji, Fay's New 2020-2021 Board Chair

We have all hopefully felt it – the sense of warmth and connectedness as we enter The Fay School’s campus. As parents, we are deeply invested in Fay’s mission to provide a nurturing, enriching, and academically challenging environment for our children’s education and holistic development. Authenticity to that mission has grounded the school’s identity since its founding and is a big part of what creates the emotional connectedness of the Fay family. Even in the hustle and bustle of morning carpool, we leave campus knowing our children are at a school that truly does put the needs of the child first.

A key element of Fay is the Leadership Development through Emotional Intelligence that is infused both in and outside the classroom. Looking back on my own life, I know I would have benefited from developing emotional intelligence from a young age. Combined with Fay’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, which the Leadership Team and Faculty have been doing the work on even before this year, Fay really does have the ability to produce tomorrow’s leaders.

This upcoming school year will be our family’s fifth year at Fay. My wife, Rabia, and I have enjoyed becoming increasingly involved in different ways over the years. It is hard to believe that our son Kaysan will start 4th grade, and our daughter Maliha 1st grade. We are grateful for their Fay education.

This fall will be an anxious one as we continue to battle COVID-19. I applaud the strides that Fay’s Leadership Team have made preparing for the myriad potential scenarios. I also appreciate the efforts to communicate and to solicit and take into account parent feedback. I am confident that Fay will find the optimal path forward to give our children the very best.

Fay’s Board of Trustees supports and promotes the school’s mission and values, ensures sound financial management, and helps chart Fay’s strategic responses to the changing landscape of education. It is an active and focused Board. As a parent, I am grateful for the devoted service of outgoing Board Chair Jared Levinthal and every other Trustee. I look forward to working with this dedicated group of volunteers and am pleased that Jared will remain on the Board to help us support a school we both cherish. I am also very honored to have been elected by the Board as its Chair for the coming three years.

I bring to my role as Board Chair my experience serving on the Board of Directors of Society for the Performing Arts Houston, the Board of Directors of the Texas Association of Mediators and the Advisor Board of the Institute for Energy Law, as well as my experience as a corporate lawyer and partner at a global law firm. I am excited to serve the Fay community in this capacity.

Wishing you all good health and personal fulfillment.

Omar Samji