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The Hallmarks Of Exceptional Teaching

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The Hallmarks Of Exceptional Teaching

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Elementary Math Games

On Monday, I spent time visiting classes to observe the teaching and learning taking place across our campus. I joined groups of students on the floor and sat alongside them at their clusters of desks. I witnessed the hallmarks of exceptional teaching, classroom management, and pedagogy. There was an abundant amount of evidence that our teachers are deliberately building the future leaders of our world.

In the first class I visited, the teacher guided students through a language arts lesson with a cadence that engaged the students as she called them by name, inherently empowering them and the safe space to grow in their moment.

Another classroom saw a teacher methodically coaching students through an Everyday Mathematics lesson where students needed to demonstrate that they could solve equations of incomplete fractions. While the students arrived at the correct solutions, they arrived there through the use of multiple methods and problem-solving strategies, a hallmark of Everyday Mathematics.

Yet another classroom revealed students collaborating in small groups as they researched historical figures together. The small groups had the independence to work together with the goal of structuring a written report. One group was researching Clara Barton. Clara Barton co-founded the American Red Cross and represents an ideal servant-leader who was rooted in emotional intelligence and who exemplified empathy. 

Moments like these are commonplace at Fay and speak directly to the strength of our teachers and how they continue to develop their craft and why.

About Morgan B. Scoville: Today, when not supporting students on the Fay campus, Morgan is an avid runner who has logged thousands of miles preparing for multiple marathon races each year—including 8 years as a competitor in the Boston Marathon. He hopes that his experience as an athlete may serve as an inspiration to those around him.