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Fay Students Make an Impact at the Local Farmers Market

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Fay Students Make an Impact at the Local Farmers Market

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

As we wound down another successful school year, we want to reflect on how our Fourth Grade Leaders recently helped us finish the year strong by leading in their Fay and local communities.  

On May 14, our Fourth Grade Leaders ran a Fay Booth at the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market. They sold produce grown in our Fay Farm and eggs from our Chicken Coop! You can see photos of them initiating this community partnership when they welcomed Tyler Horn, Director of Farmers Markets at Urban Harvest, to Fay. In this video, you can also see their prototype Farmer’s Market for their parents. It all began with this driving question: How can we use the produce from Fay Farms to connect with our community?   

What is truly remarkable about this Project Based Learning Unit is that every single child enrolled at Fay lent a hand in growing the produce through participation in Garden Days and by continuously caring for the chickens so that they produced at a high level! In other words, we all were a part of this effort.   

Additionally, they helped the school advance four out of five strategic plan initiatives, which included: 

  • Priority 1: Deepen Leadership Development Through Emotional Intelligence 
  • Priority 2: Redefine the Academic Experience by Excelling in Experiential & Outdoor Learning 
  • Priority 3: Re-imagine Time, Place, and Assessment  
  • Priority 4: Investigate Extending The Fay School’s Curriculum Past Fifth Grade 

Leadership Development for all Fay students ascended to new heights last year, and the Farmers Market event proves this is true. We look forward to seeing more Gators do amazing work at Fay and in their communities in the upcoming school year. 

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