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Does Lemonade Grow On Trees?

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Does Lemonade Grow On Trees?

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

LemonAID for Trees Community Service Project

What is LemonAID for Trees?

LemonAID for Trees is a student-run lemonade sale benefiting Trees for Houston! This is a school-wide community service project where all grade levels at The Fay School can participate!

Each year, Fay students fill up their pitchers and head out to their sidewalks to raise funds to help Houston stay green.

Supporting Trees for Houston, LemonAID for Trees helps Fay students build confidence, entrepreneurial skills, and foster the spirit of community service.

Whether your Fay student sets up shop in your front yard or collaborates with their classmates to sell tasty beverages at a local park or public space, LemonAID for Trees is a fun opportunity for our Fay Families to live our core values through community service.

  • Leadership in action
  • Walk the talk of caring for the community and our environment
  • Demonstrate Fay’s core values in Action!

LemonAID for Trees is an extension of The Fay School’s Curriculum and Leadership Development Program in the following ways:

  • Entrepreneurship: Business owners must be prepared to be successful. From gathering supplies for their product to producing, packaging, marketing and selling their goods and services.
  • Goal Setting: Operating a lemonade stand as part of a school-wide initiative show’s students how to set and achieve a personal selling goals while working with their classmates to reach a larger, collaborative goal.
  • Math: Understanding your finances is a critical component in business leadership and in adult life. A lemonade stand is a powerful incubator for young tycoons, giving them a crash course in business math.
  • Outdoor Education: In a very tangible way, LemonAID for Trees directly supports Fay’s Outdoor Education curriculum and our habitat!
  • Community Service: There is a big world outside of Fay’s campus. Contributing to the financial needs of a community organization, like Trees for Houston, makes green spaces possible for other people.   
  • Clear Communication: Students must take ownership of how they interact with others, from the illustrations on their lemonade stand sign to their dialogue with customers, with the confidence to talk about the project as they operate their stand.
  • Confidence and Interpersonal Skills: In order to sell a glass of lemonade, you need to be able to hold a conversation. Students learn how to confidently engage with customers and communicate the project while building rapport with people in their community.

2018-2019 LemonAID for Trees Information

  • Weekends of April 26- 28, 2019 and May 3-5, 2019
  • Toolkits will be sent home to current Fay students on April 25, 2019
  • Toolkits will contain:
    • Instructions
    • Packages of lemonade mix
    • Materials to help decorate your child’s lemonade stand
    • A return envelop to be used to turn in the profits from your child’s stand
  • Please ensure your child has the following information on any sign he/she creates for their LemonAID stand:
    • LemonAID
    • One cup = $1
  • Send pictures of your child’s LemonAID stand to or if you post on your personal channel please use the hashtag #LemonAIDforTrees
  • Funds raised are due back to The Fay School by Monday, April 8, 2019

We look forward to hearing your experiences with our Fay students’ lemonade stands through Houston!

About Kaitlin Necas: Kaitlin Necas is the Communications Officer at The Fay School. She has been a member of the Fay Family since the summer of 2015. When she is not telling Fay's story on various digital platforms, Kaitlin enjoys travel, spending time with her family and friends (including her puppy!), and trying new food!