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Continuous Enrollment at Independent Schools

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Continuous Enrollment at Independent Schools

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

"FAY" spelled out with leaves

The Fay School has moved to an Evergreen Enrollment Contract process for admission and re-enrollment. Evergreen Enrollment is a continuous, perpetual enrollment contract with the school as it is signed one time and remains effective through the students’ tenure at that independent school. Specific to Fay, this means that once a family submits the initial Evergreen Enrollment Contract for their Fay child(ren), they will not have to submit another Re-Enrollment Contract as it will remain effective through the child’s Fifth Grade year.

Why did Fay make this decision? We decided to move forward with this transition based on five things:

  1. Simplify re-enrollment for parents: After parents sign an Evergreen Enrollment Contract, they will no longer need to sign an Annual Re-Enrollment Contract. Instead, they will indicate their preferred payment plan for the following school year.
  2. Streamline our organizational processes: Make our Business and Admissions Offices more efficient during re-enrollment season to better serve our Fay Family.
  3. Help with forecasting: This enables Fay to forecast future enrollment numbers better.
  4. Industry-standard: Nationally, this is an emerging trend in independent and private schools to support families, and Fay aspired to be on the leading edge.
  5. Investigate Extending The Fay School’s Curriculum: It’s no surprise that Fay has distinguished itself in the city of Houston and that Fay families are keen on the entire Fay experience through graduation. This adjustment helps us better imagine how priority five in our Strategic Plan might come to fruition more easily.

The Fay School is leading for tomorrow. The Fay School will continue to craft, cultivate and transform to realize its dreams of becoming a national leader in early childhood and elementary education and leadership development through emotional intelligence and outdoor education. Please click here to review some of The Fay School’s Evergreen Enrollment Contract Frequently Asked Questions or read our infographic below!

FAQs about Fay's Evergreen Enrollment Process