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Continuing the Story: The Fay School Alumni Events Program

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Continuing the Story: The Fay School Alumni Events Program

Monday, June 3, 2019

During the Fifth Grade graduation video shoot, students were asked to share a farewell message to Fay. A current Fifth Grader’s message stated, “Fay is the first school I will ever call home.” Fay will forever be a home to our former students and their families. As Fay continues to amplify our story within the community, it is vital that Fay families understand that their relationship with Fay never ends. Whether your family is a “Lifer” starting in PI and graduating in Fifth Grade, or your journey with Fay was a bit shorter, everyone who sets foot on this campus is a part of the tapestry of Fay’s history. 

The Fay School is committed to deliberately building and educating the next generation of leaders for our world. Fay is incredibly proud of our alumni, and we want to hear more stories from our Fay leaders. For these reasons, and so much more, Fay is proud to formally launch an alumni engagement program, that will effectively connect our past, present, and future students. In the early stages, we have three goals for our alumni event program: 

The first initiative included an official Alumni Class Reunion. In April, Fay held its first Fay Class Reunion for current Sixth Grade, Ninth Grade, and high school seniors. Our beautiful campus was bustling with alumni families greeting and reminiscing about their Fay days. Students enthusiastically gathered with their classmates and walked around the verandas, marveling at several facility improvements while appreciating the fact that the essence of what made Fay so special, is still here. A group of classmates even visited the playground and enjoyed a conversation while swinging on a swing set. Fay plans to continue this formal class reunion engagement event in the Spring of 2020 with class reunions for 2019-20 Sixth Grade, Ninth Grade, and high school seniors. Our Founding Head of School, Marie Fay Evnochides, attended and proudly greeted families smiling watching as it was evident the love for Fay continues to run deep.

April 2019 Alumni Reunion

In conjunction with the class reunion for former students, we engaged our current graduating Fifth Grade students in a conversation about alumni. Planting roots with our students gave them a sense of pride and the comfort knowing that their relationship with Fay does not have to come to an end. An intimate conversation and lunch with the Head of School took place on the Fay House balcony. Students have discussed topics such as “what does alumni mean?”, “how will my relationship with Fay change after graduation?”, “what do I have to look forward to as an alum?”. Students were encouraged as we emphasized the fact that our doors are always open. While we look ahead to formal events where we can gather the classes together, we always welcome students to visit our campus and share with us their story after Fay. 

Time Capsule

The Class of 2019, started a tradition by completing a time capsule form (a snapshot of their current self). Students wrote about topics such as: what they are really looking forward to right now, the best and worst things that have happened to them recently, what they are nervous about as they look ahead to Middle School, and more. These time capsules will be stored away along with a photo from their Fifth-Grade year and will not be distributed until their class reunion, their senior year. We look forward to watching the faces of these students as they open their time capsules before college. 

At graduation, the Class of 2019 was formally introduced as alumni. Students were presented with “Forever Fay: Alumni” shirts to wear on the last day of school. The class proudly wore their shirts to school, knowing that they have joined the ranks of other Fay alumni. 

When you think of strong alumni programs, it is common to think about strong collegiate programs such as Harvard, Columbia, or The University of Texas. Colleges tend to have a strong network of alums that proudly share the story of their school.  Our hope is that Fay Alumni realize their role as Fay’s strongest brand ambassadors. What makes Fay so special, is our ability to connect families during the beginning stages of a student’s educational journey and help plant the seeds that will help them grow into the future leaders of tomorrow. Time spent on the playground with your friends, in the library picking out a book for the week, or your leading role in your Third Grade play are just some of the examples of the foundational memories Fay is fortunate to be a part of. Through our conversations with alumni students and families, it is clear the deep appreciation for the foundational education Fay provided, along with memories and relationships formed on our campus remain strong. The tapestry of Fay is made up of every single student, parent, teacher and staff member that played a part in Fay’s history. The story of Fay continues, and we hope to hear much more from our alumni families. 

Our Alumni Logo states, “Forever Fay.” Fay families are forever connected by their memories and relationships made on Fay’s campus. As we continue to build our alumni engagement program, we look forward to reconnecting with students and their families to hear how Fay has played a part in their future. Fay’s doors are always open, and we welcome our alumni families to campus anytime. We know that you will be proud to see that the core sense of home remains as we continue to provide a vigorous curriculum dedicated to fostering future leaders of tomorrow.