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Congrats to Fay's Class of 2020!

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Congrats to Fay's Class of 2020!

Friday, May 22, 2020

As we near the conclusion of the school year, we have some members of the community who will transition to our aluFay Class of 2020 in The Fay Forestmni body. Fay’s Class of 2020 includes members who attended one year, eight years, and nearly every length of time in between. The Class of 2020 has made remarkable contributions to Fay during their time here, especially this school year, and they will graduate under some of the most peculiar circumstances. Nevertheless, each one graduates equipped with emotional intelligence and highly developed leadership qualities that they will take to middle school. In the box below, you will see their middle school matriculations that we have confirmed.

In the early part of the school year, the entire Fifth Grade class accepted the challenge of planning and executing our Fall Open Houses. It was a powerful demonstration of their leadership development and the best example of Fay leading the way in early childhood and elementary school education. They even repeated this feat in November! To our knowledge, no other graduates in the country can say they went to bat for their school like Fay’s Fifth Grade Leaders. You can revisit their work through this Vidigami slideshow. The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) even took notice when it decided to sponsor an already planned visit to Fay by Tim Fish, Director of Innovation at NAIS.

These Fifth Graders were the first in the history of the school to help implement the Responsive Classroom approach, with the ever-popular Morning Meeting. They also helped our teachers transition to the Writing Workshop model, which comes from the Units of Study out of Teachers College at Columbia University.A picture of a few of Fay's Class of 2020 Leaders. Fay is a place where kids can be kids.

Also, these Fifth Grade leaders took the initiative to interview various recycling companies to add recycling to Fay’s operations. Ultimately, they selected Texas Pride Disposal. Couple that leadership initiative with the Fay Forest Clean-up that they organized and you quickly see how much they engaged with and supported our Outdoor Education.

The Class of 2020 is the class that led the way with our transition to remote learning. Despite being socially distant, they found ways to stay connected and to keep our Fay Family informed.  It takes a high level of emotional intelligence and leadership to accomplish that.

Lastly, the Class of 2020 was the class at the helm when Fay decided to get chickens! The chicken coop and these now-famous chickens will enhance the learning of all the classes behind them.

Class of 2020, we are proud of your leadership contributions to Fay and we celebrate you!

Fay Class of 2020 on the Outdoor Ed trails

*As of May 21, 2020: Below you will find a list of the schools and the number of graduates that will attend each school from the class of 2020. Please know that this information continues to be fluid as a few families are in the process of confirming their decisions.

Houston Middle School Number of Fay Graduates attending for 2020-2021
The Awty International School 2
Emery/Weiner School 6
The Kinkaid School 8
Presbyterian School 1
Spring Branch Middle School 1
St. Francis Episcopal School 7
St. John's School 2
T.H. Rogers 1

About Morgan B. Scoville: Morgan, Fay’s Third Head of School, is constantly inspired by the school’s vision: “To deliberately build and educate the next generation of leaders for our world.” As a school focused on the future, Fay always keeps abreast of the changing landscape of education and stays in “innovation shape” by prototyping and iterating new and dynamic approaches to teaching and learning. The Fay School’s ability to lead and innovate at the early childhood and elementary school level grabbed the attention of NAIS and the association selected Morgan to serve as a member of the prestigious 2021 Think Tank Planning Committee for the NAIS Annual Conference.