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2021 Earth Day Celebrations at Fay

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2021 Earth Day Celebrations at Fay

Friday, April 23, 2021

Happy Earth Day From The Fay SchoolIn preparation to celebrate Earth Day, our Kindergarten Leaders have been engaged in a project-based learning unit focused on environmental responsibility and stewardship. To begin the project, the Kindergarten Leaders committed to answering this driving question:

How can we inspire the Fay Family to take care of our environment? 

The Kindergarten Leaders met with recycling experts from Texas Pride Disposal, one of Fay’s community partners, and learned more about how people in Houston generally reduce their environmental impact. After taking discovery walks around campus to record observations, our Kindergarten Leaders began envisioning and planning how to best answer their driving question. 

Watch the video below to see their exceptional learning and leadership of this initiative in action! Also, watch the April 22, 2021, Fay News episode to see our 2021 Fifth Grade Leaders engage with the Kindergarten Leaders to reveal more about the process. At Fay, we put the children first and have them lead the way. 

About Morgan B. Scoville: Morgan serves as Fay’s third Head of School and loves the environment, especially when used as a playground. He is an avid angler, has led multi-week whitewater kayaking trips for experienced high school kayakers in Colorado, guided two 21-day winter expeditions through the Grand Canyon and participated in 2 more, summitted Grand Teton in high school, and inspired members of the Fay Family to enter the Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s Bayou Regatta. Morgan also grows his own tomatoes and is a member of the Central City Co-op in the Heights.