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The Fay School Tuition Assistance

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The Fay School Tuition Assistance

The Fay School Tuition Assistance Program (FayTAP) serves the greater Houston area by providing financial resources to qualified applicants who could not otherwise attend the school. FayTAP is a need-based program of tuition assistance. Resources are not allocated for merit and/or performance achievement.

FayTAP seeks to fulfill four primary objectives:

  • To provide assistance to qualified current and prospective Fay families
  • To provide assistance to currently enrolled Fay families who may be in temporary financial difficulty
  • To provide for a more diverse school community
  • To provide a maximum of eighty percent tuition assistance to qualified families. Awards in excess of eighty percent are at the sole discretion of the Head of School

Qualifications for Assistance 

FayTAP candidates must serve as stewards of the school’s Mission Statement and Core Values. To this end, qualifications for assistance include:

  • Prospective students must meet the admission requirements of the school and, based upon the student profile, demonstrate the ability to succeed in the Fay program
  • Current and/or returning students must successfully navigate the Fay academic program
  • The Fay School reserves the unconditional right to suspend and/or expel any student, or recall a FayTAP award, at any time for academic, behavioral, or attitudinal reasons if it concludes that The Fay School is not an appropriate school for the student or if the parents’ relationship with the School becomes uncooperative. 


  • Apply for admission or submit a re-enrollment form for the school year.
  • Complete and submit the Independent School Management's FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) application by clicking the FAST link below.
  • Completed applications are reviewed in the order they are received.
  • The Fay School requires all legal guardians to complete the FAST application by clicking the FAST link below.
  • Completed Tuition Assistance applications for the upcoming school year will be evaluated beginning on March 1st.  Awards are subject to the available Tuition Assistance budget. 
  • Submit the following documents via the secure upload link in the application or alternatively by mail to the address listed below:
    • A signed copy of the previous year’s income tax return, including all supporting tax schedules
    • ​Copies of W-2s 

FAST Processing

1316 North Union Street

Wilmington, DE 19806-2594

  • The FayTAP committee will inform the family of the award in writing and provide a schedule of payments. Awards are for one year only and do not guarantee an award or level of award for any subsequent year. Tuition assistance is for tuition only and may not be applied towards books, fees, etc. Late payment of the remaining tuition and/or fees may jeopardize the award.

FayTAP exists at the sole discretion of the Head of School in conjunction with the Board of Trustees. The FayTAP budget is approved annually by the Board of Trustees.