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Primary School Houston

The Fay School endeavors to offer your child a Primary School experience that values both play and academic readiness. Whether in the classroom, on the playground or out in the Fay Forest, teachers provide a nurturing atmosphere to encourage inquiry, imagination, and social exploration and promote cognitive growth. 

Reading Readiness

The Fay School adheres to a balanced literacy approach through which your child will gain reading readiness skills such as letter recognition, concepts of print and rhyming to prepare them for Reading and Writing Workshop in Lower and Upper Elementary. Through dramatic play, story time and small group literacy experiences, student practice speaking, listening, writing and letter sound recognition. Additionally, The Fay School partners with Rice University’s Rice Literacy to bring individual student’s stories to life through teacher dictation and dramatic interpretation. 

Math Readiness

Primary Students develop a strong mathematical foundation through verbal, written, hands-on experiences and problem solving.  Your child will build their understandings of numbers, patterns and shapes through in whole group, small group and individual settings. 

Social-Emotional Curriculum

Our Social-emotional curriculum is as important as our academic curriculum. Students learn to listen to each other, resolve conflict and explore together. As your child develops their sense of self, they also learn to appreciate others’ perspectives and become responsible community members. 

Science and Social Studies

Students learn best when new ideas are presented in a fun hands-on and integrated way. Throughout the year, Primary Students learn about holidays and the people, plants and animals around them. We utilize our forest and gardens to make science concepts come alive for students. 

Music and Motor

The Music and Motor Program at The Fay School is designed to help children explore and gain an understanding of elements of movement in relation to others and the environment including the concept of personal, common, and shared space.  It is a program that helps the child define his or her basic locomotor and non-locomotor skills that are important in successful daily living. The program helps the child’s coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, and general fitness.  The program allows for the child to experience movement on his or her own through the use of space, shape, force, time, steady beat in music, and the rhythm of the word. The totality of the program enhances the child’s self-image, creative thinking, and control of movement through experiences and the use of problem-solving techniques.  The Music and Motor Program is a fun program enjoyed by all. 


Primary students learn Spanish vocabulary and Hispanic culture through talking, listening, singing and playing. Props, toys, pictures, motion, dramatic interpretation and fun play an important part of our Spanish language program.


The Wolf Library serves our Primary students, as well as their teachers and parents. Once a week, students come with their classes to the library to listen to a story and to check out a book.  Our collection is curated to offer the best in literature for our youngest students, including picture books and engaging non-fiction books. Listening skills, language development, and a love of reading promote literacy amongst our youngest students. 


In our Primary Division, students are exposed to limited technology in both individual and collaborative ways. Their use of technology is active and often hands-on. These experiences prepare Primary students to be responsible creators and consumers of technology in Lower Elementary. 


The Engineering Program strengthens reasoning and sparks curiosity. Our Makerspace provides our Primary students with the opportunity to learn the basics of a simplified Engineering Design Process: Explore, Create, Improve. Through fun hands-on activities, students problem-solve as they discover new ways of thinking about the world around them.