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Academic Continuity Plan

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Academic Continuity Plan

In the event of an emergency that dictates an interruption of normal school attendance, The Fay School will endeavor to provide continuous learning through technology.  Regular live and prerecorded contact with teachers will provide a sense of comfort and normalcy to your child’s day. The Head of School will announce if the plan will go into effect. 

  • Communication: Should the school declare a closing, you will receive an email from the Head of School.  Within two days, you will receive communication from your child’s teacher through Seesaw.  Contact and instruction will be developmentally appropriate and vary by department.
  • Instruction: Every day, your child’s teacher will provide daily live interaction at the grade level assigned time. This session will serve as a daily check in and community builder.  Teachers will explain daily assignments posted in Seesaw and announce the day’s Special class.  Additionally, teachers will send links to online resources that will enhance your child’s learning.  Specials teachers will provide 20-minute lessons through Seesaw weekly by department.  A 20-minute PE lesson will be posted to Seesaw twice a week. Fourth and Fifth Grade students will use the Microsoft Teams messaging systems to further communicate with their teachers. Students will submit assignments through Seesaw. Parent questions should be submitted by Seesaw or email in order for the live sessions to remain student-focused.  
  • Delivery Platforms: The main avenues of delivery will be Seesaw and Zoom.  Teachers will send the Zoom meeting invites according to the schedule below.  Zoom meeting invites should be posted in Seesaw at least one hour before the assigned time. All Zoom sessions will be recorded, and links posted in Seesaw in the event students are unavailable at the assigned time.  
  • Parent Participation:  Work with your child to create a healthy daily routine that includes regular wake-up and bedtimes, academic times, off-screen times, and physical activity.  Please communicate with your child’s teacher if your child is struggling with their distance learning experience, either academically or emotionally. 
  • Attendance: Attendance will be taken for each Zoom lesson.  Regular attendance and participation in academic activities are strongly encouraged to keep your child engaged and learning.  The Fay School understands there may be barriers to regular attendance. 

Zoom Schedule:

Grade Level  Class Time
Primary I 8:00 am (CDT)
Primary II 8:30 am (CDT)
Kindergarten 9:00 am (CDT)
First Grade 9:30 am (CDT)
Second Grade 10:00 am (CDT)
Third Grade 10:30 am (CDT)
Fourth Grade 9:00 am (CDT)
Fifth Grade 9:30 am (CDT)


Day Special
Monday Spanish & P.E.
Tuesday Music
Wednesday  Art
Thursday Library & P.E.
Friday Technology

*Posts will be made by the Specials departments by 8:00am on the chosen day.

*The Dean of Students will use the afternoons as needed.

Please email if you are having difficulty accessing either of these platforms after you have read the directions in your child’s supply bag.​