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Learn More About Allison

When The Fay School identified a need for a Director of Enrollment, there was no other person in mind than Allison Teare.  At Fay we do not create jobs for people, we create jobs when we know it will have a positive impact on our number one priority, our students. Allison brings over fifteen years of experience working at The Fay School. Prior to working as Director of Admissions at Fay, Allison served on a variety of administrative roles at River Oaks Baptist School here in Houston. Whether your relationship with Allison is that of a prospective, current, or alumni parent, we know you will agree that Allison never hesitates to take the time to actively listen and understand your needs, concerns, or prospective— all traits we know will shine as she assures our current parents and reconnects with alumni families.

Allison is a collaborator and connector of people. Whether she introduces you to a person you should know or connects with you about a mutual friend, she finds a commonality with every person she meets. Her ability to find common ground with others is driven by her authentic interest in learning about people.

The newly established role of Director of Enrollment is a huge opportunity, both for The Fay School and Allison. At Fay, we value feedback. At Fay, we know we will not remain the progressive, rigorous and dynamic school that we currently are if we do not collect feedback in measurable ways allowing Fay to continue to meet the needs of our current and future Fay Families.

Allison often tells members of our Fay Family about how important it is to “prepare your child for the path, not the path for the child.” We look forward to seeing her motto in action as she prepares Fay for a clear, researched path forward. We invite you to use Allison as a resource to help Fay continue its legacy envisioned by Marie Fay Evnochides over 30 years ago.

When she is not being a sounding-board for all things Fay, Allison is a loving grandmother of seven and mother of three incredible adults. She is an avid reader, jigsaw puzzle master, and connected friend in the Houston-community!