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The Fay School

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Our Campus

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Our Campus

The Fay School sits on 8.5 acres of naturally landscaped property in the heart of Houston. The site of the original Fay family homestead, this piece of Houston now serves as an exciting environment for young students from Primary I (3 years) through Fifth Grade.

Some highlights of The Fay School Campus:
  • Four primary academic facilities 
  • The original Fay Family Home
  • Outdoor Classroom
  • Nature Trail 
  • Play Areas

The original Fay Family Home sits in the middle of campus and houses the school’s administrative offices. Built in 1937 and designed by renowned architect John F. Staub the home has set the tone for the creation of a campus consisting of five facilities each designed to address the specific needs of the students The Fay School serves.

Our Young Children’s Center and The Fondren House contains indoor and outdoor classrooms for our Primary Division and Kindergarten programs. This facility embraces the needs of the young students with age-appropriate design and construction and a seamless interface between the indoor and outdoor environments, promoting an integrated curriculum designed to address the needs of the whole child.

As students grow into their elementary years they move into the 30,000 square foot Elementary School Building that is made up of three stories of state of the art classrooms, art studio, covered play area, dining hall, multi-purpose spaces, and wrap around porches that serve to encourage continual interface with the surrounding natural environment.

The Marie Fay Evnochides Building provides the entire campus with a complete library and computer lab with resources to support all grade levels, a multi-purpose gymnasium and performance area, and spaces for parent volunteers, and outside resource workspace.

The Havens Outdoor Education Center serves as the gateway to our Backyard Habitat, and a resource for faculty outside their core classroom. This facility is equipped for group lessons directly connected to The Fay School outdoor education curriculum. This screened-in facility provides both a quiet place for learning and an open environment with a direct connection to the natural habitat.

As students pass through The Havens Outdoor Education Center they enter The Fay School Backyard Habitat. This 3.5 acre piece of land allows children to follow nature trails that explore the natural spring, the Buffalo Bayou, the home to a variety of wildlife, and the natural environment for a wide variety of plant life.