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About Fay | Welcome to Fay

Welcome to Fay

Dear Parents,

Your child and your child’s future represent the most powerful gift for The Fay School and the future of the world. The Fay School leverages a future-focused curriculum integrated into leadership development through emotional intelligence to transform your child’s potential into a powerful toolkit and reliable compass that launches them into middle school and beyond.

Once you and your child step onto our outdoor-oriented campus, we believe you will experience what separates us from the other independent schools in Houston. Most importantly, you will learn how The Fay School has begun taking steps to intentionally transform the landscape of early childhood and elementary education through innovation. All of what we do and aspire to become places your child first.

We take tremendous pride in guiding your child to becoming young people who are: PreparedWell-Rounded, and Articulate. These three core values, you can expect, are the realized outcomes that continue to justify our educational model and philosophy.

Prepared: Your child will inherit a world that is globalized, connected, diverse, and rapidly evolving. The Fay School prepares your child to meet that challenge in a culturally and ethnically diverse learning environment. Our innovative teaching and learning techniques are future-focused and collaborative in nature. Graduates of The Fay School are intrinsically motivated creative problem solvers who excel academically.

Well-Rounded: The ever-evolving world your child will inherit will require emotional intelligence to be successful: flexibility to successfully navigate unexpected change, confidence in times of ambiguity, and resilience in the face of persistent challenges. Well-roundedness emerges when children have opportunities to pivot their thinking in response to obstacles, when educators support, guide, and empower students to tackle any task at hand, especially when there is no easy or obvious answer.

Articulate: Articulate interpersonal and intrapersonal communication styles drive how your child will impact the future world and those who they lead. Inclusive and specific word choice, personal presentation, and cultural fluency are paramount to your child’s leadership in tomorrow’s world. The future-focused learning experiences on The Fay School’s outdoor-oriented campus expose your child to these communication building blocks on a daily basis and in dynamic ways.

Anchored to the vigor of our core values and the real-world application of authentic learning, The Fay School’s Leadership Development Program distinguishes it from all the other schools in Houston. Grounded in both emotional intelligence and human capital strategy, The Fay School’s vision is to deliberately build and educate the next generation of leaders for our world. Your child will experience leadership training and curriculum typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies and they graduate from Fay with skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

We would be honored to share our vision with you in person.


Morgan B. Scoville, M.ed.

Head of School

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