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Meet Sissy

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Meet Sissy

Sissy Witte is the Principal at The Fay School and a member of our Faculty since 2011.  An 18-year veteran in the education space with a B.S. in Curriculum and Instruction with a Specialization in Reading from Texas A&M University. Sissy is a core member of our team with hands-on experience teaching multiple grade levels and serving as Primary Department Head at Fay.
Sissy continues to build strong relationships with Fay families as they prepare and support students for the future through the rigorous Fay curriculum. Her experience in the classroom uniquely positions her to act as an active partner to help students remain challenged while honing the tools they need to grow with confidence:    

“I am passionate about the “WE” partnership that the Fay team and parents have as we support each other in their child’s development inside and outside of the classroom. We are truly stronger together and I believe that this special partnership is what helps us create the successful academics and leaders that Fay is known for.”

Before The Fay School, Sissy taught in both public and private school settings as a Lead Teacher in Houston. In line with her passion for connecting the dots to student success, Sissy also worked as a research evaluator with the University of Texas Children’s Learning Institute under a Kellogg grant uncovering the correlations between reading progression and parental involvement.

Outside of The Fay School grounds, Sissy stays active with her family while enjoying the outdoors by hiking, playing sports, and running. She has participated in Ironman races and over 40 marathons; you can cheer her on as she is currently completing her personal quest to run a marathon on every continent, with only Australia left to go! Sissy is also a collector of inspirational quotes to boost her team’s empathy to the world around them. One of her favorites is from Maya Angelou:

“People may forget what you said, people may forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”